Sunday, January 8, 2012

Survival of the Fittest - Dinner and a Date

In a world swamped with BS, one needs a BS Decoder ring, or a Jedi Mind Trick.

The Jedi Mind trick/BS Decoder, I call F4F, under the provisions of the KISS principle, by keeping it Simple. All life forms have a strategy for survival of which there are three components: Prime Directive, F4F, and Drama which can be approached from multiple ways, The Prime Directions is "F”, as in F'ing, the F-word as in survival of the species by having dinner or a date, and avoiding being dinner. Once feeds, breeds, or dies off. The process of protecting and nurturing the multiplication tables in the face of drama is culture, or also called a strategy for survival of the species, or any aggregate thereof.

Drama enters when the choice is being dinner or getting one ... that is an existential threat, Having a date is when the boys fight over the girls, and the girls compete to be fought over. This is true for dandelions as much as mountain lions. One is life or death, the other is getting laid or not. Success in both means survival of the aggregate be it family, tribe, nation, herd, pod, or flight. It is as true for dandelions as for mountain lions.

The protection and nurturing an aggregate in it’s most popular form is playing the role of victim, prosecutor, and rescuer any of which calls for a danger or a villain.

In Whale, Lion, Dolphin or Elk society, the mechanism for protecting the young is vested in the formation of the women and children who move as a unit, while the guys do guy thing until mating season. Sometimes the mating between a male and at least one female is short often with the guys skipping the birthing. The human family is the only one where an extended visit by the male in the family occurs, although the tradition of guys doing guys things remains in its vestigial form.

In the face of an existential threat (being dinner, or having one) triggers the full aggressive potential of the culture. Women in defense of their children are not anyless fierce than a rutting male. Villains exhibit a corruption of the natural force of protecting and nurturing the helpless (victim).  The emotions associated with real existential threats or the loss of access to the other sex, are in themselves physically addictive and people play psychological :"games" or "play" to get high or get ready for a real fight.

The switching roles between victim, rescuer and prosecutor in games played with other people, inanimate objects or entirely mental create a "payoff" which can be collected as if stamps of the kind one used to get at the grocery store.

These stamps can be "cashed in" for a bigger payoff such as a free murdeer, a free suicide, or a binge. This is them mechanism behind extreme behavior of individuals an groups.

The attributes of villainy are the flip side of the heroic triangle, different in adverb and adjective. There may be no fundamental objective difference between hero and villain, except that being a potential lunch colors the hungry as villainous.

Mating rights in a species, tribe, nation, or village are related to the social statues of the players as affected or imposed on the physical world. This is F4F:

In the case of the Birther/Truther braggadocio one gains face and fame, and maybe fortune by being able to predict one’s fate. The Truther paints the government as a Villain who lies (manipulative), and is prepared to batter (bastard) and the Truther knows because the Villain is mad (brat). The Birther also paints the government as mean, mad, and manipulative and acts as rescuer cum prosecutor.

Drama is played out in a physical world, the rules or impact of which shape the tactics, techniques, and procedures of the dramatist.

Knight, Nurse, Infant vs Murderous, Manipulative and/or Mad.

The imminence of the threat, it’s location in time and distance with respect to the ground, and potential threat to the corporal existence is part and parcel of drama. Books have been written on the “territorial imperative” in animals is similar to property tax adjustments to ones taxes which have to be paid on a timely basis. And of course, there must be the T-Shirt and Coffee mug with the strident message on drama or status is boldly proclaimed.