Saturday, June 20, 2015

Child Abuse, Root of All Evil.

Child Abuse is the Root of All Evil, not money.

The development of human children precedes through stages which at about six the child has a sense of what its place is regarding their environment, particularly their family. The vulnerability to radicalization of individuals also depends upon the track of development going up through the rest of life especially puberty.

Socialization of the individual outside the family and into the larger community starts in earnest at puberty in what is today's high school and junior high school. If the individual has suffered extensive physical or emotional abuse before six, the rest of development is honed through the "high school" stage.

It is at this time that specific themes and symbols are associated with ANS inputs that freeze the belief structures of the young adult. Only about a third of those over 21 will make serious changes in the structure of perceptions (ideologies).

Certain beliefs known as True Beliefs provide the individual with the kind of inputs that were frustrated in the growing up process. The high school period tends to sharpen the distinction once the cut and thrust of sports and dating goes viral.

Those left out in the High School phase, often spend the rest of their lives trying to plug the gap. Ethnocentric outbursts by those in the High School Phase is the substance of what is burning now on the streets. Those most active as terrorists or other really bad people often come from severely damaged families and suffered extreme parental abuse. What psychology called crazy is often a normal reaction to a crazy world.

Hitler, Saddam and Stalin were abused by male parental figures. The leading terrorist of late often came from shattered families and neighborhoods, with the local brand of terrorism being a "natural" outlet for sense damaged in crazy childhoods.

IMHO, the root of all evil is not money, it is child abuse.

Gordon S Fowkes

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Invalid Thinking, A Rueful Thought in Sex, War, and Politics

Invalid Thinking, A Rueful thought
It is often said that our foes are foes because their way of thinking is inimical to ours.  This was the default expression given to Catholics, Communists, Democrats,. Capitalists, foreigners, the sick, lame and poverty stricken.  This was the conclusion that supported carpet bombing of civilian cities with the expressed hope that the bombed upon would rise up and overthrow those fighting above.  It was called "bombing the homes of war workers" (women, children, old, and shopkeepers).

The concept that any foe or aspiring one is foreign to our way of thinking assumes a number of invalid assumptions:
RAF Lancaster dropping fire bombs.  Results of such firebombing in Dresden
1. Thinking has anything to do with action and when it does think it is only to seek ways and means of acting on emotions and other more fundamental biological, psychological, and sociological imperatives normally in the subconscious.
German soldier receiving traditional offering of bread and wine from Russian peasants.
2. The idea that "we" have an identifiable "way" of thinking is also subject to the aforementioned biological-psychological-sociological algorithms mostly done in the subconscious.  Additionally, Americans have a wide variety of strategies so related to the point that someone from Brooklyn is unintelligible in Houston, Denver, Seattle or San Francisco.  And those locales are often mutually obscure.

German soldiers fraternizing
3. The concept that some entity that has a different survival strategy (bio....) which by the difference only can only be battered into submission, is self deceptive.
German firing squad 

4. That any alleged foe of ours has a 1 single minded purpose other than getting laid and paid is also self deceptive. And of the ways and means sustaining  food and family.
Civil Military Coordination
5. The very core of demonization of the unfamiliar and/or uncomfortable is of creating a sense of fear along with a sense of loathing (contempt).  This leads to a powerful oxymoron that the contemptuous is capable of endangering the pure hearted.   
Compendium of Nazi propaganda assigning both power and weakness of Jews to arouse fear and loathing against Jews.

The US military is, intentionally blind and contemptuous of the fields of applied psychology and sociology except as a repeat of Sherman's March Through Georgia and of Reconstruction. In fact those Academic enterprises are considered Communist if not out right Satanic within our Military Establishment, all parties concerned.

Payback for Communist/Satanic subversion  is at the roots of Tea Plotting and Ball Busting, with the hope that the Army will foster a coup.  That the US military is inherently unable to stage coups, as such is not included in doctrine, regulations or the instructions to promotion boards.  This would have to be a politically oriented contracting consortium under contract with Elysium

Skepticism, Arrogance, and Bravery Beyond the Call of Duty